AD Greenroof LLC

AD Greenroof prides itself on focusing on a total systems approach to quality control.  We go beyond recommending the right plant for the right place, as decisions made by others affect the sustainability of the roof.  We also have a unique maintenance service called GREENFORMATION®.

We stay current with industry trends and materials; and incorporate sustainable measures, such as locally sourced and recyclable materials, whenever possible.  Working with product manufacturers, growers, designers, building owners, policy makers, and researchers, AD Greenroof bridges the gap with specialized solutions to the problem.  We are also certified as a woman-owned business to help you meet your DBE goals.

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We often provide solutions to the common questions:

  • How can I achieve over one-inch storm water retention on my site?
  • What maintenance costs will the owner have with this green roof design?
  • What is the best waterproofing system to use on my building when incorporating the vegetated overburden?
  • Will the current USDA Hardiness Zone map benefit me in my green roof specification?
  • My vegetation has yet to fill in, and it has too many weeds. What can be done?
  • Can you help my client to understand the benefits of a vegetated roof?

We encourage design professionals to promote green roof concepts, and are here to assist in explaining the process!