AD Greenroof LLC focuses itself on a total systems approach to quality, resilient vegetated roofs.

We go beyond recommending the right plant for the right place, as decisions made by others effect the sustainability and function of the roof.  We also have a unique maintenance service to realize those long term benefits called GREENFORMATION®.

A long history of designing beautiful solutions

No mater your preferred term, a green roof incorporates vegetation within conventional roofing and provides many public and private benefits. Green roofs are installed for new construction and retrofits, private or public customers, and are not limited to commercial buildings. We have detailed research proving the benefits of storm water management, roof surface temperature regulation, roof longevity, and pay back can be as little as 7.6 years.

“With national industry support since 2002, we have created over 60 acres of vegetated roofing across the country!”

Angie Durhman, GRP, owner and principal

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