Green Defined

Green /Vegetated /Eco-Roofs/Garden/Living Roofs

No mater your preferred term, a green roof incorporates vegetation within conventional roofing and provides many public and private benefits.   Green roofs are installed as retrofit construction, for private or public customers, and are not limited to commercial buildings.  We have detailed research proving the benefits of storm water management, roof surface temperature regulation, roof longevity, and pay back can be as little as 7.6 years!

  • Reduced storm run-off
    A green roof can retain and detain up to 96% of storm water, thus reducing the stress of the designed municipal storm-water system.
  • Extended roof life
    Installing a green roof system has the potential to double the lifespan of a conventional roof as the vegetation reduces the daily fluctuation of temperatures and protects from objects such as hail, fireworks, and bullets.
  • Energy savings
    Many studies show on a 90 degree day, vegetated coverage keeps the roof around 95F degrees while a dark roof heats to 160 degrees or more.
  • Reduced carbon footprint
    Plants to sequester CO2, so anywhere they will grow, our air quality improves!
  • Reduced Urban Heat Island Effect
    The surface of a green roof absorbs solar radiation and provides natural evaporative cooling, much like within a park.
  • Increase biodiversity
    We create living environments for plants to grow.  Naturally, birds and insects will find their way and may reside over time.   Some roofs are even designed to benefit specific species!
  • Earn LEED® points
    A vegetated roof provides more points than any other technology to achieve LEED® certification, however this is subject to overall building design.
  • Improved patient health
    Hospitals and extended care facilities are installing green roofs as a visual tool that helps improve patient health.  Looking over and/or accessing  living roofs appears to speed up patients’ recovery.
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The green-roof industry in the United States has been around for over a decade.  Many trades and professional disciplines are often utilized for their expertise: Contractors, manufacturers, growers, architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, and policy influencers (not to mention the building owners).  Above all else, every rooftop has its unique micro-climate, and expertise is needed here.