Pioneer Hall

Pioneer Hall

This extensive green roof is covered in a variety of succulent blends atop this campus dorm.

Short term establishment included overhead irrigation into the summer of 2019, followed by a two year Greenformation (R) program.

Project Overview


Central Roofing

total Sq Ft



University of MN

We have worked with Angie on several residential rooftop projects. Angie’s expertise extends far beyond rooftop Sedum!  She has helped our team develop details and complete  systems for  total rooftop living areas.  If we have a job that includes rooftop work, we call AD Greenroof.

Ian Lamers, PLA Watercourse Design PLLC

Overview of the projects’ success

Within the genus Sedum, we select hardy species fitting for most climates. In the upper midwest, we have about 25 spp to choose from. What makes Pioneer Hall successful is the diverse blends that fill in over time. If the plants are happy, they’ll keep spreading across the growing media.